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Register Now: Healthy Neck & Shoulders Series starts March 2!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Relieving the burdens we carry

Who hasn't experienced neck and/or shoulder pain? With all of us on our computers more, the burdens of our days literally sit on our shoulders. Join Mimi in this 3 part series to learn how yoga can help alleviate your pain by increasing flexibility and strength, how to prevent it and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in today's Zoom world. This series will be cumulative. Participation in all 3 classes is strongly encouraged. This series is not for those in acute pain, not those with acute neck/shoulder injuries. All levels welcome.

II.16 heyam duhkham anāgatam

The pains which are yet to come, can and should be avoided.

Tuesday Evenings: March 2, 9, 16 Time: 6:30—7:30pm

Classes and signups are available now, click here to register today. Namaste, Mimi

Awareness : Reflection : Transformation : Peace

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