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Winter is Coming

Thank you for continuing your Iyengar Yoga explorations with me. I hope that my classes have been helping you in your practice during these particularly challenging times. I know I am so grateful I was able to still take classes with my teachers throughout this past year and a half to keep myself in a good, positive, physical, emotional and mental state so I could continue to give all of you the best learning experiences.

Big news from me: we finally moved into our "new" San Francisco home and I now have a small yoga space with a ropes wall! Bonus is that all 4 french doors open to the backyard aka fresh air. However, it is SF, so it is not necessarily warm and cozy with the doors open. Would anyone be interested in privates or small group classes in person? Please click this survey link as I would love for you to fill it out so I can adjust my 2022 teaching schedule to suit everyone's preferences. No worries to those of you that aren't local as I still plan to teach online through December 2021 and into 2022. HYBRID CLASSES: I had planned to teach in-person in the studio AND broadcast live online beginning this Fall. However, due to Omicron variant and rising case numbers, I have postponed this plan. As many of you know, IYISF has taken down the wall between the studios to open the space. However, 1 door for ventilation and 2 tiny windows is not my idea of fresh air. I want us all to feel safe when taking classes in person. i know it is not ideal and many of you are eager to go back to the studio- me too! But only when it is truly safe for all. Please be patient. Try an online class! If you need assistance with creating a space, props, etc. Just ask! I am here to help :) BORROWED PROPS: If you borrowed props from me, I would greatly appreciate it if you can return them if you are no longer using them. If you are still using them, great! If you need help getting/borrowing props, please contact me! In the meantime, take good care and I'm looking forward to continuing our Yoga Journeys together! Namaste, Mimi

Awareness : Reflection : Transformation : Peace

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